About us


Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines(ICpEP), Inc.

ICpEP is registered as a non-stock, non-profit organization in the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines with registration number 201120675.

ICpEP is the official organization of Computer Engineer’s in the academic community and industry practitioners in the Philippines. ICpEP has a students edition known as ICpEP.SE which serves as a training ground of future leaders of ICpEP Philippines and beyond.

ICpEP is also the partner organization of the Technical Panel for Computer Engineering  Education of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in the policy formulation, curriculum and standards for Computer Engineering Education in the Philippines.

Official Website:  ICpEP Philippines


ICpEP Singapore Chapter (ICpEP-SG) 

ICpEP-SG is a registered non-profit organization under the Registry of Societies of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Singapore with UEN No. T18SS0007A.

Singapore Chapter is the first International Chapter of ICpEP Philippines which envisions itself as Global Group of Professional Computer Engineers, IT practitioners and a global think tank of Integrative Engineers and Computing towards smart nation-building.

ICpEP SG Chapter aims to:

  • Build a network of global professional Computer Engineers and IT practitioners based in Singapore and the Region
  • Be a leader in SMART Nation Building
  • Support the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Philippines and Beyond
  • Advance the Computer Engineering and IT profession by cross-domain collaboration, research and development
  • Be a partner organization of institution of learning that offers technical programs but not limited to Computer Engineering and IT Education in the areas of applied research, technology commercialization and innovation management
  • Be a partner organization of the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) and other global Engineering group
  •  Produce a Chartered ASEAN Computer Engineer



With Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Hon. Antonio Morales during the ICpEP-SG Oath taking ceremony at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore held last November 26, 2017.

The Board of Directors and Committee Heads ( 2017-2019)


Board of Directors 2022-2023:


Acting-President and Vice-President (Internal Affairs)

Editha Opina, PCpE

Editha is an IT Infrastructure Systems Engineer in Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore. She has been in the Info-communications industry for the past 15 years which compromises 11 years in IT Infrastructure (networks and systems) domain and 4 years in Business Process Outsourcing through the Call Center industry. She has undertaken different roles such as end-user support, software developer through IBM Lotus Notes platform, Windows System specialist, and VoIP Cisco administrator. Engr. Opina is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.

Editha is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and has been a committee officer of the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines (ICpEP).  Outside of work, Editha is a doting mom to her teenage son, a sports enthusiast who loves running and swimming, and a wanderlust who enjoys traveling and exploring the world.


Vice President (Education and Training)

Robert Cristobal, PCpE 

Robert is the founder and creative storyteller for Frame 316 (www.frame316.com), a Singapore-based creative firm that specializes in content strategy through the use of new and mixed media. He is well versed in content curation through social media and content creation through conceptual and story-based content that strategically positions brands to build awareness, sales and audience engagement. Robert has 20 years of experience in creative entrepreneurship (in the areas of web development, graphic design, photography, filmmaking & digital marketing).

While running his company in Singapore, he started a creative agency (www.bam.works) and he teaches video production and content marketing at MAD School (Chatsworth Media Academy). He also served as the Chief Content Officer of TechTalks.ph a non-profit community organizer which founded the international tech conference for startups (www.GeeksOnABeach.com).

Robert has been invited to speak at tech entrepreneurship conferences such as; http://www.geeksonabeach.com, http://www.slingshotph.com, http://www.techtalks.ph, covering Content Marketing Strategy & Brand Storytelling as a key topic. He was featured on tech blogs as a storytelling entrepreneur (TechShake: http://http://www.techshake.asia/articles/118-frame316, Befast.TV: https://befast.tv/robertcristobal-goab/). He has received recognition for his documentary filmmaking winning second place in the APEC 2015 video contest and a semi-finalist in Singapore International Foundation’s the Good Story Asia awards 2014, and story of the year 2018.

Being a creative content producer, communication strategist, writer & trainer provided him the opportunity to serve the ICpEP community through its promotional activities with regards to style and strategies in photography, videography, expansion, networking, and many more.


Vice President (External Affairs)

Mark Anthony Velasco, CCpE 

Engr. Velasco is currently a DevOps Engineer L2 in Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Singapore Solutions Pte. Ltd.  His projects under NTT are being outsourced by some of the renowned companies and government agencies like the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Keppel Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and more.

He had worked in Digital Room (Philippines) Inc. for 2 years as Platform Engineer; he took his internship in the same company until earning his spot as a regular employee leading to his professional career.

Engr. Velasco is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Overall, he is a technology geek, a frequent traveler, and an online game enthusiast – one who is capable of understanding both science and arts thereby can communicate effectively with wit and style. Engr. Velasco is also a Certified Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.



Rainell  Lilia Angeles

Rain works in Housing and Development Board (HDB) Singapore as a Software Engineer in Enterprise Server.  She spent most of her career working in a financial institution as an IT Consultant, specializing in using MVS, OS/390, and Z/OS running on IBM Mainframe.  She started her career working in Banco de Oro (previously known as Equitable PCIBank) in the Philippines and eventually transferred to Citibank N.A. in Singapore, providing support for new accounts and customer demographics, handling several regions – e.g. Canada, Brazil, Central America, Central East Europe, and Middle East Asia; she has also worked in Singapore Exchange (SGX).  Rain graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Rain is a shy-type woman but has a lot of substance once you get to talk to her.  She is a person you can trust and also a big fan of investments; no wonder she will handle the organization’s money with care.



Rosalie Pulutan, PCpE

Rosalie is currently an Assistant Manager in the Information Technology Department of Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd.  She is involved in professional and community organizations in Singapore such as Singapore Computer Society, Red Cross, and Teck Ghee Zone K Resident Committee.  She finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and had acquired certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional and IBM Certified Associate Developer in Lotus Notes. Engr. Pulutan is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.



Aris Bignay

Aris has been working in the IT Industry for more than 15 years, considering himself as a Computer Programmer by default. During his free time, he amuses himself by researching open problems in Computer Science. He prefers to work as a Backend Programmer, writing the engine for the front end systems and doing code optimizations.  If he gets stranded on a deserted island and the only requirement to leave is to create a beautiful user interface, he gets to stay on that island forever and would surely survive because he’s that introvert as he claims he is; on a serious note, he’s a critical thinker and can do the math.


Jan Michael Vincent Momongan 


Jan is a Senior Software Engineer in Housing & Development Board (HDB) Singapore. He has been developing applications in Java for 8 years and has pioneered multiple systems for the Rental Housing Team. As one of the senior members of his team, he has shown good leadership qualities and communication skills.

Jan is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology Management. He is friendly, approachable and has a very sociable personality. Aside from his interest in technology, Jan is also an active person who has an interest in sports particularly in football and running. He can occasionally be seen participating in marathon events in Singapore.


Carol Gonzales, PCpE


Carol is a seasoned applications Manager from Central Provident Fund of the Republic of Singapore. Engr. Jabola is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.

Committee Heads:


Nowell Alcancia (Committee Head, Photography & Cycling)

Nowell is an IT Specialist with an ITIL 4 certification. As a Systems Administrator, he has been involved with several projects on Email Infrastructure Security, Virtualization, Automation, Mobile Device Management and deployment of IBM Collaboration Solutions Product Suite. He is also well experienced in designing High Availability Systems and best practices for Disaster Recovery.

On the side, Nowell is also a travel photographer. He enjoys capturing aerial landscapes and cityscapes having some of his works featured on popular blogs such as When In Manila (www.wheninmanila.com) and Wanderast (www.wanderast.com).  His creative portfolio is also available on Flickr, Instagram, and YouTube.


Mila Macasero, PCpE (Committee Head, Training and International Relations)

Mila’s professional life was involved in projects and consulting engagements that enabled, fostered and accelerated changes. Experienced Cloud Platform Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in technology & solution integration, IT implementation & support, cloud computing, Blockchain, AI, IoT, mobile applications, with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Computer Engineering. Currently helping customers to navigate the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS jungle. Her work with IBM’s fast-evolving Cloud platform, she interacts with startups and venerable. Engr. Macasero is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.

Mila keeps up with the latest trends in technology and is adept in collaborating with developers in the labs to bring forth innovations, with deep technical skills. Passionate about introducing new technologies, transforming clients into a better future, and driving organizational growth by designing and implementing technical solutions to meet the needs in competitive environments. Advocates for the innovative power of Cloud to make organizations more productive, collaborative, and mobile.


Czarina Mae Castillo (Committee Head, Publications & Journals)

Czarina is a Java Programmer in Housing and Development Board of Singapore. She has developed and enhanced systems under the Car Park and Office Systems Department. Aside from previously being a programmer in two branches (Clark and Baguio) of Texas Instruments Philippines, she became a Computer Science Instructor at the University of the Philippines – Baguio.

The ICpEP-Singapore community gave her an edge to continue her Master of Information Systems. Her versatility made her try multi-level marketing which taught her lessons about people management, business, sales, leadership, accountability, failure, and success.

This grammar Nazi, bubbly, ambivert, strong (but not always) and independent woman oftentimes cracks jokes at first impressions but never reveals her most precious talent; it is a mystery until you get to know her – talk about adding spice in a professional biography.


Emil Gandol (Committee Head, Sports)

Emil currently works as a Network Administrator in one of the Government Agencies in Singapore. He has been in the IT industry for more than 6 years, overseeing the day-to-day tasks required to maintain a network, as well as ensuring end-users data were protected through implementing the latest network security updates.

He has a strong knowledge of support desk software and adept in troubleshooting, analyzing, and resolving complex technical problems.  Being determined and all, he makes sure he exceeds the performance standard and addresses customer support issues in a timely manner.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

He is the head coach of the ICpEP-Singapore basketball team.


Ronel Chavez, PCpE (Committee Head, Innovation)

Ronel is currently a DevOps Technical Lead of Digital Transformation Evolution in a financial institution based in Europe.  His more than 12 years of experience in information technology gave him knowledge and skills to earn a variety of industry-standard and internationally-recognized certifications in Java, architecting solutions in Cloud, and DevOps toolchains like Docker and Elasticsearch. He started his career as an application developer and later became fascinated about automation thereby implementing seamless flow by bridging the world of development and operations. Engr. Chavez is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.

He has been called to speak to the most well-known universities in the Philippines and been involved in bringing the latest technology trends to the university curriculum for Computer Science and Engineering students. He gained enough reputation as a community technical speaker and was invited by different companies in Singapore such as Meetup (www.meetup.com) and ICpEP. He is also a consultant and mentor to students who are aspiring to learn robotics and digital innovation. During his free time, he participates in Hackathon events in Singapore where his innovative ideas are brought into life. He has an endless passion for learning new things about software and hardware in order to solve simple to complex real-life problems.


Carmelo Morallo (Committee Head, Logistic & Support)

Carmelo works as a Technical Support Engineer in Housing & Development Board in Singapore since March 2013. His main responsibility is to automate jobs using Visual Basic Net, VB Script and PowerShell. This process would facilitate tedious jobs that would be completed in a lesser time frame and without errors.

Prior to joining Housing & Development Board, he previously worked in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde as an IT Coordinator from May 2010 to May 2012. His main responsibility was to oversee technical staffs including helpdesks to provide immediate resolutions in an acceptable standard time frame to ensure customer satisfaction.

Carmelo is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Cisco Certified Network Associate. During his free time, he enjoys cycling and running together with friends.


Kenneth De Luna (Committee Head, Sports)

Kenneth currently works as a Technical Support Engineer for Housing & Development Board and has been with the company for five years. He has also previously worked in Schools, Advertising Companies and Overseas and now has a total of twelve years of experience in the IT Industry. His dedication to work over the years established a professional interaction with users and to the company. His determination, hardships, and motivation has molded him to handle projects, purchasing processes and technical support at a professional level.

Kenneth graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Computer Science. He has a vast interest in games and sports particularly basketball and online games which he has been playing since he was still young. He is also an active member of the music ministry in two churches and a member of ICpEP since 2017.


Marc Tingcoy, PCpE (Committee Head, Logistic & Support)

Marc has worked in the IT industry since 2007 as a IT Engineer; currently, he is employed in Housing and Development Board Singapore and previously in De La Salle University and College of St. Benilde in the Philippines.  He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

He has attended local and international training such as Computer Graphics and Multi-Media Seminar, Enterprise Java Development, and IBM Cloud Computing, to name a few. Engr. Tingcoy is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.

He likes photography, basketball, and online gaming; moreover, he loves to venture in business, sales, and marketing.


Rem Arguelles (Committee Head, Sports)

Rem works as Country IT Executive at Grabtaxi Pte Ltd. He has been in the IT industry for more than 10 years and his main responsibility is to support enterprise-wide IT Infrastructure which includes network, systems and desk side. He has extensive work experience in cloud-based infra (Daas, AWS) and Microsoft products (servers and OS). He graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Computer Science.


Mark Jason Chy (Committee Head, Logistic & Support)

Mark is a PCB Layout Engineer with extensive working experience in the Philippines, Japan, and Singapore.  His local and international involvement has resulted in his expertise in designing automotive audio products. He is a registered Electronics and Communication Engineer from the Philippines.  During his free time, he listens to music and binge-watches movies on Netflix.  He is also into sports like basketball, badminton, running, and biking.  He is more of a listener than a talker; a man of few words, indeed.

Council of the President


Senior Mentor ( External Affairs and Sponsorships)

Richard Vijuan

Richard works in Housing and Development Board Singapore for 11 years and counting as an Enterprise Server Programmer. He gained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with flying colors – Magna Cum Laude, Best in Thesis Writing, and Leadership Award to name a few.

He was also a College Instructor at the Computer Science Department of Southern Luzon College in the Philippines and a subject teacher in House of Bread Christian School in the Philippines.  He was a consistent achiever, recognized Municipal Scholar, and Ayala Foundation Scholar – a scholarship from a renowned businessman and philanthropist in the Philippines.

He has also tried ventured into business, sales, and network marketing as a means to practice his leadership and mentoring skills, to gain financial freedom, and to give a positive impact on society.


Senior Mentor (Education and Training)

John Paguirigan, PCpE 

John is an experienced IT Professional in the field of Windows Systems Engineering and IT Project Management. His expertise is on the Microsoft Platform particularly on Systems Administration, Server Virtualization, Messaging Collaboration, and Cloud Platform. Engr. Paguirigan is also a Professional Computer Engineer granted by the Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.

Throughout his IT career, he has provided end-user, backend (Infrastructure), and VIP support. He is a volunteer trainer for Microsoft Technologies; his leadership skills made him one of the pioneers of ICpEP- Singapore.

Mostly, he spends his time researching about process improvement on windows servers, causing him to further study on virtualization, messaging, and server administration.

He had accumulated certifications on Windows Servers 2012 and 2016, Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation v3, Exchange 2016 and Azure – being a certified trainer also in the latter.


Founding President:

Dr. Ryan S. Evangelista, I.S.P, ITCP, ASEAN EngTech, PCpE

Dr. Evangelista is a well-experienced IT Consultant in the field of Enterprise Systems Development and IT Project Management. His expertise in Enterprise Java Solutions thereby gave him various government project experiences from Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Philippines to Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore. As a project and account manager, he had handled clients’ accounts from German European School Singapore, Singapore Flying College, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore Tourism Board, Housing and Development Board, Imperia Institute of Technology – Malaysia, Brainy Moves – Singapore, ACTS College-Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Morris Allen English – Singapore & Malaysia and InterContinental Hotel Groups (IHG)- Singapore and UK.

His vision, competence, perseverance, humility, and charisma leveraged him to some international and local organizations in the IT and business industry – a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) – US, member of Canadian IT Certification board that is legislated by most provinces in Canada, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE),  Former Secretary the of Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS), Assistant Honorary Secretary of Institution of Aquaculture Singapore (IAS), ICpEP-Singapore representative to the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), former Vice-President for External Affairs of the National Board of Governors of the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines (ICpEP Inc.-Philippines) , the founding President of the ICpEP-Singapore, and currently the Vice-President for Industry and Linkages of the Philippine Society for Engineering Education (PSEE).

He also attended courses on Project Management (PMI and Prince2) & Extreme Innovator Program at the National University of Singapore and Certified Information System Auditor Program (CISA) at the Singapore Management University.

Dr. Evangelista is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Master of Science in Mathematics, Doctor of Information Technology and Master of Science in Aquaculture. He is a Certified Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) and Information Technology Certified Professional (ITCP) by the Canadian IT Professionals (CIPS- Canada) , conferred as an ASEAN Engineering Technologist by the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO) via the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) and a Professional Computer Engineer (PCpE) by Computer Engineering Certification Board, Philippines.