ICpEP-SG Events

ICpEP-SG Joins Open Innovation Platform (OIP)

It is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects and matches problem owners and problem solvers. The platform is supported by a structured innovation process from ideation to commercialisation, as well as a physical innovation facility (PIXEL) that can support rapid prototyping and other innovation activities.

Problem owners would post problem statements on the OIP, and along with it offer prize money. This prize money is determined by the problem owner, and will be awarded to a problem solver if the solution meets the evaluation criteria and is selected by the problem owner via the OIP platform. Problem owners can propose innovation challenges based on the following categories:

Ideation: Where problem owners seek new innovative ideas to address a specific challenge problem, typically requiring a written proposal with potential implementation option.
Proof-of-Concept: Where problem owners seek the ability to demonstrate the technical viability of key concepts or modules or features within the proposed solution. This is typically seen or experienced in a lab setting or as an isolated exercise.
Prototype: Where problem owners seek a demonstration of a working prototype tested in an intended or simulated environment. This could be extended into a larger pilot deployment at the problem owners’ site.

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